Showcasing The
Best Designs From GROUP 3

Nihon Mura is the largest Japanese restaurant under Singapore's famous dining flagship - Suki Sushi. There are currently 6 outlets in Singapore and streams of customers are pampered in Nihon Mura's gorgeous Japanese settings, combined with a whole new dining concept.

Sakura, similarly a flagship under Suki Sushi's chain is probably the largest buffet restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant has 8 outlets distributed in Singapore's busiest areas - all at the forefront of design and class.

KBox is Singapore's most popular Karaoke venue amongst teenagers today. Since the first one opened in 2002, it now boasts more than 10 outlets island wide - all designed by Group 3.

Group 3's newest completed project - Holiday Inn Malacca, is a 22-storey 4-star hotel which combines travel, entertainment and dining delights. From the hotel lobby to the guest rooms, ballrooms and SPAs - it displays the best of new age design techniques, once again fully flaunting the designer's unique talents......